Best Drop Foot Braces

Does an AFO brace help foot drop?

While there are several brands of AFO brace for foot drop, they do not all offer good customer support. In fact, some companies do not take responsibility for the products once they sell them. So, it is important to buy from a reputed brand. Before buying an AFO brace for foot drop, you should know its features and types. This will help you avoid getting confused by the wide array of options and attractive designs. Also, knowing what to look for will make you feel confident while making your purchase.

Best Drop Foot Braces:

A soft AFO brace is designed for patients with foot drops, which can be caused by plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. It holds the foot at a close 90-degree angle to promote a normal gait. Most foot drop braces, however, are designed for nighttime use only. These devices can help a patient sleep comfortably and achieve their desired level of dorsiflexion. Soft dorsiflexion assist is adjustable by pulling a bungee cord down the laces.

This device is very comfortable and can be worn with any shoe. Unlike many other devices, these aren’t visible when worn. The dorsi strap fits into any shoe and can be worn with or without a sock. These braces are made from soft, thin material and can be worn without blocking your view. Best of all, they are easy to use and can be worn with almost any shoe or pants.

There are several AFO devices available in the market today. One of the best is the Orthomen, which offers ankle support, and foot clearance, and supports the entire foot. It also resists spastic muscle tone, which is beneficial for those with foot drops. Another important factor is that this brace is easy to trim, while the Orthomen features a thin footplate that is easy to fit. It also features thick polyurethane on the vertical aspect of the brace, giving the legs rigidity and firmness. Its streamlined profile and adjustable buckle system make it easy to store and remove.

AFO brace for foot drop:

A Soft AFO brace for foot drop is a versatile shoe insert for a wide range of shoe types. Designed with interchangeable inserts, it adjusts easily for a custom fit. Most adults can wear this brace due to its universal size. The strap is adjustable from a maximum ankle circumference of 11 inches to 30 cm. It is not a diagnostic device but helps maintain proper foot alignment.

The tendon soft AFO brace fits most adult feet. It is suitable for Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and dorsiflexion injury. It’s comfortable and adjustable, with removable pads that are easy to wash. The brace comes in four sizes, S, M, L, and XL. Its lightweight, ergonomic design is made of Polypropylene and terry cloth, which make it comfortable to wear.

Another renowned brand in medical supplies, MARS Wellness, has introduced a lightweight, flexible AFO brace. The brace fits most types of shoes and features a 3/4 footplate that provides comfort to the toes. A padded hook-and-loop strap secures it around the calf. Its anatomical design supports the entire foot-ankle region and prevents heel pain. Its open heel also allows optimal flexibility of toes.

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